My Film Resume - Hollywood Section

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Paramount)

My One & Only (Runaway Home Productions)

She's Out of My League (Dreamworks)

State of Play (Universal)

Burn After Reading (Working Title)

Hit & Run (MGM)

My Film Resume - Indy Section

Roulette (Four-Fingered Films) - 2nd Unit Director of Photography & Assistant Editor

Living Will (KPHAT Productions) - Sound Recordist & Grip

Devils Racecourse (Patriot Film Studios) - Grip

"President's Day" - Grip

Come Hell or High Water (One-Eyed Horse Productions) - Documentarian

The Devil's Playthings - 2nd Unit Director of Photography

Before I ended up in the land of Television, I focused all my efforts on film.  As I used to joke: the larger the budget, the smaller my role.  Hence, while you'll see Transformers 3 and Burn After Reading on the resume, my contributions on those projects were minimal at best (but if you like crazy stories, buy me a drink and ask about my brush with fame on Dark of the Moon).

I've dabbled in Independent Film as well, with the smaller budgets leading to greater creativity.  My short film All's Fair in Love & Work, which premiered at the 2011 Big Apple Film Festival in Tribeca, can be viewed above.  I'd probably cut it to ten minutes these days, but you live and you learn, right?  I've also made a multiple part documentary series called, "Luck of the Draw: The Making of 'Roulette.'"  Focused on the independent film "Roulette," Luck of the Draw covered 2 years of behind the scenes drama.

"Ethan Meyer does a superb job of juxtaposing actual drama with whimsical humor to create a highly entertaining series of mini-films."

- Luck of the Draw review from Rogue Cinema

Ethan Meyer

TV Producer & Director
CURRENT TV SHOW: House Hunters International
PAST TV SHOWS: American Pickers, House Hunters: Off the Grid, Ice Loves Coco, etc.
FUN FACT: Produced TV in 26 countries
ACCENT: Vaguely Mid-Atlantic
HEIGHT: Next Question
TWITTER: @mrethanmeyer