Ethan Meyer -> Producer -> Director -> Rescue Dog Dad

When I was growing up on Kent Island on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, I thought the only way to get into the entertainment industry was by working at Blockbuster. Which I did!

I've been a Director & Producer for over a decade, currently Supervising Field Producer for Leopard USA on HGTV's House Hunters International​, which the Washington Post calls "the most unstoppable juggernaut on TV." From Mexico to Micronesia, Ho Chi Minh to Hungary, Jakarta to Japan, I am ceaselessly curious and always interested in finding not only the best stories, but the best (and most efficient) way to tell them.

I'm also a rescue dog dad to Frankie (cute dog on the right).  She doesn't like her daddy's travels but she tolerates them.  She has been known to steal stroopwafels from the Netherlands and bury them around the apartment...