Ethan Meyer -> American TV Producer

A former Governor once described my hometown as being on the “sh*t house side of Maryland.” As the child of two English teachers, I discovered a passion for storytelling and language at an early age. When that passion evolved into a love for visual media as a teenager, I genuinely didn’t know how to pursue it.

I had never been to Los Angeles or New York and didn’t know a soul in “the biz.” I thought that the only way to get into the entertainment industry was by working at the one Blockbuster Video in the county.  Which I did. I guess it worked?

Today, I’m a Supervising Producer for Leopard USA on HGTV's House Hunters International​, which the Washington Post calls "the most unstoppable juggernaut on TV." In 2021, HHI won the Critics Choice Real TV award for Best Lifestyle: Home/Garden Show, with our 2000 episodes viewed by nearly 2 million Americans before airing around the globe via Discovery. 

My experiences have taken me far. From Mexico to Micronesia, Ho Chi Minh to Hungary, Jakarta to Japan, Brazil to Britain, I have friends and contacts across the planet. Not bad for a kid who’s first flight at 9 months old went so poorly that my second flight was over 16 years later. 

My professional experiences have also taught me the importance of communication - especially in the time of Covid-19. It’s not just language. It’s being able to navigate cultural differences while finding a balance between what is offered and what the client can accept. It’s being able to clearly and efficiently narrate win-win scenarios that aren’t traditionally apparent. It’s about achieving success with minimal stress, against all odds, and preserving relationships for the future.

While I’ve always been a storyteller, the medium has evolved over the years. As has the budget and the audience! Hopefully that continues. Thanks for stopping by - if you’re reading this, I hope that we get to work together soon.